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Green in Action International Winner

Multiple Intelligence International School

Quezon City,  Philippines


With Our Intelligences, We Can Green the World!

The Multiple Intelligence International School is committed to using our different intelligences to make a difference for the environment. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences (Word, Number, Picture, Nature, Music, Body, People & Self Smart) was used to challenge students, teachers and parents to embark on initiatives to use our intelligences to help save Mother Earth!

Going M.A.D. for the Environment with our Nature and People Smarts!

Our journey to help Make a Difference (M.A.D.) for the environment was kicked off by a school-wide project: “M.A.D. for the Environment” - A Reforestation Project of the Cambantoc Riverbanks. In partnership with a local public school in the area, Tranca Elementary School, MIIS students visit the area every year to plant seedlings.With help from experts, we identified endemic species to be planted and partnered with a local school nearest to the river to sustain the initiative. Countless trees have been planted in the area for more than 8 years. Despite being an area frequented by typhoons, we make sure to do what we can to sustain the reforestation initiative and maintain the area.

Kids Can! Bazaar #4GreenPH

Through our annual ‘Kids Can!: For Kids, By Kids’ Bazaar #4GreenPH, students raise funds for the environment. They apply their mathematical skills in the real world through entrepreneurship. Since the year 2000, the “Kids Can! #4GreenPH” is the only bazaar in our country that is made by kids, run by kids for a greener future. Organic, eco-friendly and upcycled products created by kids raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Different booths were set-up by students following the themes, Green Forests, Green Living, Green Christmas and a Green Philippines. Funds raised go to environmental projects of the children.

Part of the campaign for this initiative was the #4GreenPH Photography Contest. Middle school and upper school students must submit an original photo and caption that responds to the theme, “A Sustainable Future is Possible”. A vision for a greener future can be seen through the eyes of the contestants and their captions and descriptions paint the goal of a progressive yet inclusive world.

Rainforest Cafe: Saving Rainforests One Treat at a Time

For more than 10 years now, Grade 1 students learn about our depleting rainforest and endemic species that become endangered because of this. They educate the whole school about the various endemic species and the importance of saving the Philippine Rainforest. Students put up a Rainforest Cafe that teaches people about biodiversity. As young as six, students raise awareness and also contribute funds to reforestation project by a local environmental agency. As a community, MIIS helps save the rainforests one treat at a time.

Kids Can! Make A Difference Projects

Our M.I. Kids Can! Project conducted yearly gives the children the perfect opportunity to use their abilities, skills, and talents to come up with a solution-oriented project that can be applied in real life and make a valuable impact in our society. The students themselves proactively seek ways in shaping the world to a place where each can make a change by using their own resources. This year, students put emphasis on projects where they used their intelligences to make a difference for the environment. The year-long projects include river clean-ups, fund-raising for the environment through selling original artwork, and publishing books and comic books to raise awareness about different environmental issues.

Science Fair 2017: Progress Today Without Losing Tomorrow

In line with the school-wide theme of sustainable development, Upper School students came up with innovative and creative solutions that address the different UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The multi-disciplinary projects aims to empower the students to come up with ways to solve problems, make systems more effective, and contribute to a better world for future generations. Students presented their research problems, prototypes, findings and future directions to a panel of judges. Projects include piezoelectric disks that harvest kinetic energy from footsteps, hybrid bricks from recycled plastic, graphene solar cells, and an app-based energy conserving system. This science fair not only highlights research and technical skills of students; it also gives them the opportunity to address environmental issues and make a greener future possible.

Environmental Control Officers

As part of empowering students to make a difference through their leadership, an Environmental Control Officer is elected for every class from K-12. These students take charge of their class’ conservation of resources and help ensure that every one in the class mindfully uses their class resources. In addition, students are engaged through regular classroom waste audits.