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Hear what some students have to say about the Green Energy Challenge and how they save energy! 

"Your speech really encouraged me to do more for the environment.... My family and I have stopped buying plastic spoons and instead bring metal spoons to school and work."
~ Kyle Baker

"Something I do to protect the planet is to recycle cans about once every month. Something I should do to protect the environment is to learn to turn off the lights when I'm not in a room"
~ Gabriel Vivas

"I will try to do more to help the environment like recycling and using the reusable water bottle that was in my green pack."
~ Bianca Hogan

"I think that the Green Education Foundation is a great learning experience for students to know about making the world a better place"
~ Mikako Murphy

"With your help, I have a better understanding of why it is important to help and take part in cleaning the Earth." 
~ Davin Hearn

"I've been trying to go green lately. I always recycle, I turn off lights when I leave a room, and I use reusable water bottles."
~ Julia Prior

"I wasn't that keen on saving the planet until I realized how important it was to help. You have really made a huge impact on my thoughts about our earth." 
~ Nora McKenna

"We enjoyed your visit and we hope to carry on your message and vision for the environment. A few things I will try to do for the environment is recycle, plant trees and other plants, and use non-wasteful materials that can be reused so I could throw out less trash."
~ William Brennan

"I have already persuaded my family to recycle and I often pick up trash on the ground. I am glad you started Green Education Foundation."
~ Brendan Flood